Traumatic Dental Injuries

Traumatic dental injuries commonly affect children and teenagers, yet can be seen in all ages. Often they are a result of sport injuries, bad falls, or car accidents. Immediate care is crucial. There are varying types of injuries, such as an intrusion which refers to a tooth that has been pushed inward into its bony socket and extrusion which refers to a tooth that has been partially pushed out of its socket. Additionally, avulsion refers to teeth that are completely knocked out. 

For children with traumatic dental injuries, we address the needs of the not fully developed teeth immediately to avoid long-term repercussions. A traumatized tooth that is improperly treated or left untreated can result in bone deformation, social stigma or setting the stage for difficulty to treat at an older age. Treatments can be as simple as a splint to more complex as regenerative procedures. Sometimes root canal treatment is not the answer. We can assist you in taking the appropriate course of action. Regardless, at Pla & Watts Endododontics we try to save the tooth until the child has fully grown. Then one can receive a permanent treatment if required.

For adults, we will begin by repositioning and stabilizing the traumatized teeth. Taking into consideration the severity of the injury, a root canal treatment can be started within a couple of weeks. Initially, a medication such as calcium hydroxide is placed in the root canal system. Permanent filling is used to seal the root canal later after the tooth is stable.