Gallery of Endodontic Treatments

Emergency Care & Root Canal Treatment

Pictured: Preoperative and Postoperative

Our patient presented with severe pain and required emergency root canal treatment. After cleaning and removing the inflamed pulp, the root canal system was successfully restored and the natural tooth saved.

Root Canal Retreatment & Surgical Endodontics

Pictured: Preoperative, Retreatment, Apicoectomy
and 5 Year Recall

Our patient required root canal retreatment. After an apicoectomy, the removal of the root tip and the infected tissue, there was complete bone healing in the 5 year recall.

Traumatic Dental Injuries

Pictured: Root Fractures/Splinting of Teeth and 1 Year Recall with Complete Root Formation

Parent of our 7-year-old patient was distraught by an injury that indicated horizontal root fractures in tooth #8 and tooth #9. Treatment involved splinting of teeth. After 1 year recall , the patient successfully had complete root formation.

Regenerative Endodontics

Pictured: Necrosis and 3 Year Recall with Complete Root Formation after Revascularization

Our patient developed necrosis of tooth #9 caused by intrusive luxation. We opted to treat with revascularization with triple antibiotic and MTA. In our 3 year recall, the patient had achieved complete root formation.

Internal Bleaching

Pictured: Before and After Internal Bleaching

Our patient suffered from discoloration in the tooth and desired a more appealing appearance. After internal bleaching, patient was pleased with renewed whiteness and removal of blackened area.