Loubna Pla DDS MSD

Dr. Loubna PlaLoubna Pla DDS MSD is a highly experienced and educated endodontist who has been actively involved in the South Sound since her move here in 2008.

Dr. Pla earned her Bachelor‘s Degree in Dental Surgery with Distinction from the School of Dental Medicine, Lebanese University. She then completed the Endodontic Specialty program at St. Joseph University in Beirut and acted as consultant attaché in teaching of undergraduate clinical endodontics. Moving to the US in 2004, Dr. Pla completed a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study and Master of Science in Endodontics from Boston University’s Goldman School of Dental Medicine.

Dr. Pla founded Pla Endodontics in 2011. Her commitment to precision and expertise are proven in her successful root canal, emergency dental care, surgical endodontics, and traumatic dental injury treatments. Dr. Loubna Pla expanded her practice with her partner, Dr. Kristopher Watts, to form Pla & Watts Endodontics in 2017 and to uphold her vision of advanced, patient-centered care. Former board member of the Pierce County Dental Society, Dr. Pla now serves on the board of Boston University. She is also proud to be a member and affiliate with leading, professional dental organizations, including the American Association of Endodontics, Amercian Dental Association, International Association of Dental Traumatology, and the Pierce County Dental Assocation. 

Born and raised in Lebanon, where she was a National Volleyball team player, Dr. Pla is fluent in French and Arabic. Philanthropic and dedicated to the successes of others, she gives back to her community through her support of local businesses and schools. When away from her endodontic chair, Dr. Loubna Pla enjoys weight training, running, and skiing with her three children and Philip Pla MSM, her husband and business manager.