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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: Our offices remain open for now but subject to adjustments based on CDC recommendations. Your safety and health are our top priorities. Please be assured that we are here to help you and avoid any trip you might need to the Emergency Department.  Learn more about our new protocol.

At Pla & Watts Endondontics, Loubna Pla DDS MSD and Kristopher Watts DMD excel at providing patient-centered care with advanced techniques in endodontics — ranging from simple root canal procedures to more complex treatments, such as regenerative dentistry. Relieving you of any worry you may have regarding root canal treatments, we provide the support you need to have successful, pain-free outcomes.

We specialize in endodontics in Puyallup and Tacoma: root canal treatment, root canal retreatment, emergency care, surgical endodontics, traumatic dental injuries, regenerative endodontics, and internal bleaching.

In a modernized and comfortable setting, we provide expert endodontics with a gentle touch, experienced precision, and state-of-the-art technology. You can schedule your appointment for root canal treatments in Tacoma and Puyallup: 253-770-1500 (Tacoma) or 253-212-1752 (Puyallup). We welcome you.



“ I was referred to Dr. Pla for an emergency root canal procedure, after developing a serious infection. From the moment I stepped into her practice, I was treated professionally and courteously by her staff. After an initial examination, and several inquiries as to my pain/comfort level, I was apprised me of the steps necessary to treat my root canal, the costs I could expect and what my Dental Insurance would cover etc. Dr. Pla saw me and recommended/started treatment immediately. She exhibited a calm and competent demeanor as she treated me. Dr. Pla was constantly mindful of my comfort and the level of pain I may be experiencing so that she could minimize it. To say I was impressed with Dr. Pla and her staff would be an understatement. I rarely encounter professionals in any field that possess the balance of technical competency, social grace and genuine compassion that Dr. Pla embodies. I highly recommend Dr. Pla, regardless of distance! ”

- KG

“ I badly needed a root canal that I’d put off for over a year, with a recent big increase in pain.  Dr. Pla’s office was very good about getting me in for an evaluation right away.  Dr. Pla did something to give me temporary relief and bring the irritation down and I was quickly scheduled for the root canal.  The root canal was made more difficult because of the amount of damage due to my delay in treatment.  She was very careful to ensure that I was not in pain and that I understood the procedure before during and after the work was done.  Before the root canal she had coordinated with my Dentist to ensure what type of filing they wanted her do and prepare for the follow up crown.  She called me to see how I was doing the next day.  I was feeling much better and have had no problem with that tooth since. Excellent staff, provider and follow up! ”

- TJ

“ On vacation, my 7 year old had run into a mirror and broke her permanent front tooth in half. Dr. Pla’s office was able to get her in 2 days after we got home. The staff was excellent and treated my daughter so kindly. They were caring and efficient, and the office had a great atmosphere – modern, clean and relaxing. Dr. Pla had an excellent bedside manner – friendly and funny, and made my little girl feel comfortable and unafraid. After the friendly dental assistant took X-rays, Dr. Pla tested the tooth for vitality and determined that root canal treatment would not be necessary at this time. We have made subsequent appointments for continued monitoring of the tooth. I am so thankful that my daughter had such a positive experience for her first time seeing an endodontist. ”

- JD


With personal consultation and in-depth examination, Loubna Pla DDS MSD and Kristopher Watts DMD of Pla & Watts Endondontics utilize their advanced training and experience to perform cutting-edge endondontic treatments with the highest level of care and comfort provided for their patients.