Emergency Care

Traumatic dental injuries often occur from sports injuries or personal accidents. One may suffer a range of results–from a chipped or cracked tooth to a dislodge tooth or an injury to a neighboring tooth. 

With their advanced technology and clinical skill, Dr. Pla and Dr. Watts, act quickly to provide emergency dental care. They perform an immediate, thorough dental examination and offer best treatment options. Patients find relief from their pain and can even safe a tooth by contacting us immediately in Tacoma or Puyallup.

For emergency dental care, we treat our patients immediately. Regardless of a booked day of appointments, Pla & Watts Endodontics will see a patient in pain referred to us from a dentist or if a patient has contacted us directly. Emergency care can be needed not only for trauma but also pain suddenly occuring due to infamation, infection, and more.