Advanced Technology

Dr. Pla and Dr. Watts practice with the highest standard of care, implementing the leading 3D imaging system and microscopic dentistry as a routine part of precise, personalized treatment. With the addition of the Gentle Wave procedure, they continually offer the latest technological options.


NEW! We are Authorized Providers of the Gentle Wave® Procedure!  Announcing the latest addition in our Tacoma and Puyallup offices, the Gentle Wave® Procedure is an innovative approach to root canal therapy. It uses minimally invasive protocol by using fluid dynamics and broad spectrum acoustic energy to clean and disinfect the root canal system.1 This state-of-the-art-technology is designed to help preserve optimal tooth structure and promote the long-term sustainability of the tooth.2 The Gentle Wave Procedure is acclaimed for its comfort, cleanliness, and often one-visit convenience for patients. 
 ©1,2 - Gentle Wave®. Videography courtesy of Sonendo.

Gentle Wave® Procedure


The Carestream 3D CBCT machine produces the highest resolution imagery and lowest radiation dose available to enhance precision as well as promote patient safety.


The Zeiss PROergo‘s precise auto-focus and completely integrated assistant‘s microscope allow both the doctor and assistant to be fully engaged and perform a successful treatment with a full HD video camera. The patient can then better understand the detailed procedure with clear imagery.


The Zeiss video glasses allow patients to relax and enjoy BluRay® movies while undergoing treatment.


With their professionally trained staff, Dr. Pla and Dr. Watts work closely with dentists and other healthcare providers to ensure the patient‘s comprehensive care is coordinated and elevated. They also enhance their expertise through continued education and close affiliation and membership with leading dental organizations.